• Guitar Amplifier

    Guitar Amplifier is the device which amplifies the signals from the guitar pickups to be projected at loud volumes.

  • Amplifier Cabinet

    Amplifier Cabinet is a speaker which is required to be connect to a guitar amplifier to project the sound.

  • Combo Amplifier

    Guitar Combo amplifier is a single unit with both the amplifier and cabinet in one.

  • Tube Amplifier

    Tube amplifier is an electronic amplifier which uses vacuum tubes to increase the power/amplify the signals.

  • Analog Amplifier

    Analog amplifier is an amplifier which uses analog circuitory and not a digital one to ampify/produce it's sound.

  • Amplifier Head

    Amplifier head is only a device which amplifies the guitar signal to the required volume. It needs an external cabinet speaker to be attached to project the sound.

  • Amplifier Watts