• Violin

    It is a woden string instrument played using a bow. It is one of the highest pitched instrument in the violin family.

  • Harmonica

    Harmonica is a free reed wind instrument. There are various types: Diatonic, Chromatic, Octave, Orchestral.

  • Cello

    It is a bowed string instrument of the violin family. It is tuned low to high: C-G-D-A

  • Viola

    Viola is the tenor of the violin family. It is a bit bigger than the regular violin.

  • Trumpet

    Trumpet is a wind/brass instrument. It is mostly in the pitch of Bb.

  • Melodica

    Melodica is a reed free wind instrument. It is played by blowing air in the mouthpiece while using one hand to achieve certain notes.

  • Saxophone

    The Saxophone is a woodwind instrument. Made of brass, they are usally played with a single-reed mouth piece.

  • Clarinet

    Clarinet is a woodwin instrument. Single reed mouth piece, a straight, cylindrical tube, with an almost cylandrical bore, and a flared bell.

  • Flute

    A flute is an aerophone/reedless wind instrument. It produces sound from the airflow across the opening part.

  • Cornet

    Similar to a trumpet, with a modified shape

  • Reeds

    Reeds are thin strips of material which vibrates and produces the sound. It is very common in wind instruments.

  • Rosins

    Violin rosins are rubbed on the violing bows to make them sticky which allows them them be smoothly to play over the strings.

  • Violin Bow

    A violin bow is a tensioned stick which has hair coated in rosin fixed to it. The sound is produced when the bow is moved across the violin strings.

  • Recorder


  • Trumpet