Best Drum Set for Beginners

Best Drum Set for Beginners

Consider the length of time you'll be playing the set you want to buy you're able to get custom made or only a simple set. It's very gratifying to locate a set which will not just offer you an inexpensive price but also premium quality materials that will guarantee durability and premium tonal performance.

It's overwhelming and confusing to have a numerous range of drum sets to pick from. After you've found a set that satisfies your requirements, check to find out whether that set is accompanied by an adjustable stool. Where you are earning a purchase of a drum set, or you are an experienced player, there are a couple of matters you would have to consider prior to making your buy.


Acoustic or Electronic Drums

As hard as it may be to think, some in the drumming community hold an anti-electronics prejudice. On the opposing hand of this spectrum, there are the people that play technology rather than learning an acoustic guitar instrument . Too few of us understand these extremes are not anything more than two sides of the same coin.


Once you're making music, even once you're creating art, when you are expressing yourself in your very own individual style, it's a fantastic concept to adopt whatever will make your music better.


There are things that acoustic percussion can do that electronics simply can't yet, and there are features of electronics that are simply not possible to recreate with acoustic instruments. The truth is the two can enhance each other in your creative endeavors. In this post, we are going to talk about acoustic drum sets for beginners because we count that those are the ones that you should learn to play first and are slightly cheaper.


2. How many pieces

In the beginning, it's enough to have bass, snare drum and hi-hat, because they are the most used elements to learn basic rhythms. Furthermore, depending on the style and the technique of playing, the number of toms and cymbals is determined.


The most common drum set piece count is 5-piece (kick, snare, hi-hat, toms, and crash cymbal)

Here what usually is included in the drum set for beginners:

  • Bass / Kick drum
  • Bass pedal
  • Snare drum
  • Hi-Hats
  • 1 - 2 cymbals (or 2 - 3 cymbals)
  • 3 toms (or 2 toms)


There can be other counts out there with a few additional pieces, but we stuck using this to remain objective and narrow the options. You may always add individual components to the drum set after some period.


3. Creating Your Own Set?

When you are on the budget, you can always find individual pieces and create your own set. As said, you will need the essential elements to learn the basic rhythms. For beginners however, it is recommended to stick with an already built set and can add-on or substitute once you become more accustomed to drumming while defining your drum style.


4. Type of Drumsticks

Apart from drums and cymbals, drumsticks are still among the main tools in a drummer's arsenal. Sticks would be the primary purpose of touch along with your gear, and also have a massive influence on how that you play with.


Pick the perfect drum-stick for your playing style and it will feel to be an extension of your arm. Pay attention to the weight and the thickness. The best beginner drum sticks are a pair of 5A sticks because its weight and size are easy for most to get used to. When you will define your playing style you can check some other drumsticks like 7A or 5B that may be better suited for the type of music you are playing.


5. Type of Stool

A good stool is sometimes an unaffordable investment when you are a beginner and on the budget. You can try and create your custom stool or recycle an old one. However, it needs to be soft and flexible so you can adjust the angle of your knees with the drum set in order to have a comfortable playing.


The Best Drum Sets for Beginners

Besides all of these main questions and suggestions, here are the top 6 picks we recommend:


Ddrum D1 MB Junior Drum Set 5 Pcs with Hardware Throne and Cymbals Midnight Black

Drum set image


Ddrum offers a drumset for the very talented tiny drummers from ages 5 to 10. It's a perfect drumming set with all that is required for our very own little learns who will blast these drums and will be our future drummers. If you are a parent , then Musikshack musician's suggest you pick this up for your talented kid now as it has all the hardware and cymbals and throne.


Buy Ddrum D1 CRD Junior Drum Set 5 Pcs now from Musikshack for free shipping and fast delivery.


Ludwig Accent Drive LC 1751 DIR 5 Pcs Drum Kit Black

Drum set

The Ludwig Accent Combo 5-Piece Drum Set gives you outstanding Ludwig quality in select wood shells. The drum set includes a matching wood snare. This set is stocked with a 22" x 16" bass, 12" x 10" and 13" x 11" toms, 16" x 16" floor tom, and a 14" x 6-1/2" snare-each with a wrapped finish. Hardware includes a Ludwig LA214FP bass pedal, snare stand, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, and a throne.


Buy Ludwig Accent Combo 5-Piece Drum Set now from Musikshack for free shipping and fast delivery.


Tama SG52KH5 Stage Star 5 Pcs Drum Kit Wine Red

Tama Drum set

Tama Stagestar drums have the same quality, durability, and sound of Tama's famous Swingstar drums" in an ingeniously designed compact and portable size that's perfect for gigs with small stages or rehearsals; or for young students who deserve a real set to learn on. Before the Stagestar, small sets were either really toys or really expensive. Stagestar offers a real alternative.


This compact, portable kit is great for a club that wants quiet dynamics or where drums are miked. With 8-ply, 9mm Philippine mahogany shells and smaller-than-usual shell sizes, Stagestar has a unique sound from a small kit with a big kit sound and feel.


Shop Tama Stagestar now from Musikshack for free shipping and fast delivery.


Pearl EXX725SP C Drum Set 5 Pcs EXX Hybrid Shell Pack Jet Black

Pearl Drum set

The #1 Selling drum set in the world is back and better than ever. Export Series is the name every drummer knows. Meet any successful drummer today and chances are he started playing on an Export kit. These value-packed kits jumpstarted thousands of drummers by bringing quality and value together.

Now 30 years later Export does it again. Big features like Reference inspired shell composition, P-930 drum pedal, Opti-Loc Tom Mounts, and our all new hardware package make Export the biggest value in drums today... again.


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Mapex Tornado TND5254TCYB Drum Set 5 pcs With Hardware Throne and Cymbals Royal Blue

Mapex Tornado Drum set

The new Tornado from Mapex goes a long way to avoiding first-kit frustrations. With back-up from a proper brand that's often missing in the starter kit bracket, the Tornado feels more like a real drum kit than many of its competitors, and consequently rather more rewarding to sit behind Buy Mapex Tornado TND5254TCYB Drum Set 5 pcs With Hardware Throne and Cymbals Royal Blue now from Musikshack for free shipping and fast delivery.


Yamaha GM2F51, 52, 53A Gigmaker Drum Shell Silver Glitter with Hardware

Yamaha Drum set

Starter Kits that Express Your Musical Identity

Gigmaker drum sets are available in two basic configurations and a range of colorful sparkle finishes that you can choose to match your musical and visual style.

These high-value sets come with a matching snare drum and Yamaha double-braced hardware, as well as matching wood hoops for the bass drum.


Buy Yamaha GM2F51, 52, 53A Gigmaker Drum Shell Silver Glitter with Hardware now from Musikshack for free shipping and fast delivery.


I hope this best beginner drum set review helps you make your buying decision.