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A Great Tone On An Electric Guitar

Aug 8, 2017 8:53:38 PM

How to Dial a great tone in an Electric Guitar

Contrary to popular belief, electric guitars are an instrument that requires you to master two very different things. One is, of course, the playing technique, but the other is utilizing the hardware of that guitar and that of the amplifier in order to dial in a great tone. 

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The Entry Level Electric Guitars

Apr 23, 2017 3:40:30 PM

Finding decent beginners’ entry level electric guitar is not as easy as it looks. As a matter of fact, it is probably harder than finding a top tier model that fits you. The main issue with entry level guitars is the fact that you are getting a compromise of some kind.

Manufacturers are racing to find a way that will allow them to produce these guitars at a lower cost, which in turn makes them cheaper to buy. Because 

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Which Electric Guitar You Should Buy

Nov 19, 2016 4:17:46 PM

First things first, the guitar you buy does not defines the genre you play, it’s your music. So it’s a no big deal if you don’t own the guitar which is typically played by rest of the musicians of your music. If you go for something contemporary, you will in fact sound like just another band/musician.

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Excalibur called Stratocaster

Oct 20, 2016 2:51:16 PM

Being a guitarist, you can’t argue with a strat, right? No chance. Yea, good ol’ rockin’ n rollin’, shiny red, mellow; thick and heavy strat. Vintage strat, rusty strat, crisp sounding tasty strat..... You get that feel? Do you get that tingling feeling on the tips of your left hand’s fingers? Yea, there is something in it that makes it stand out of all. I really don’t know what that visionary Leo Fender had in his mind when he, Bill Carson and George Fullerton designed this guitar for the first time in 1954, because whatever they did was literally awe-some... Rest in Peace Leo, Bill and George; Rest in Peace.

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