• Guitar Pickup

    Guitar Pickup is the device that converts the sound into electrical signal which is later amplified by the guitar amplifier. Single coil & Humbuckers are two popular types of pickups.

  • Guitar Configuration

    Guitar configuration refers to the whole set of a guitar - The types of pickups, Wood material, choice of electronics & string set etc.

  • Guitar Body

    Guitar Body is the part of the guitar which consists of the picksups, bridge, electronics etc. Different woods which have different tonal qualities are used for the body construction.

  • Maple Wood Fretboard

    Maple wood Fretboard is a hard wood, known for more "attack" and "crisp" sounding tonal quality in comparision to Rosewood.

  • Rosewood Fretboard

    Rosewood Fretboard has a more "warm" or "sweet" sounding tonal quality in comparision to Maple.

  • Ebony Fretboard

    Ebony Fretboard is considered even harder wood than Maple giving the neck a unique feel to it.