• Guitar Action

    Guitar Action refers to the height of strings from the fretboard. It affects the playability and the feel of the guitar, and it can be adjusted.

  • Fretboard

    Fretboard refers to the top flat part of a guitar neck, usually a laminated piece of thin wood consisting of frets over it.

  • Gauge of Guitar Strings

    Gauge of guitar strings refers to the thickness of the strings. Usually ranges from "Super light strings(.008 - high E string)" to "Heavy(.012 - high E string)"

  • Guitar Tuning Keys

    Guitar Tuning Keys allows you to tune the guitar by tightening or loosening the strings. They come in different material - chrome, plastic etc.

  • Guitar Body

    Guitar body is the big part of the guitar with a sound hole in it. It also consists of the bridge, saddle, and the bridge pins which holds the strings in place.

  • Guitar wood

    There are various types of woods which are used for guitars, example - Spruce, Mahogany, Sapele, Rosewood, Maple etc. Each wood has it's own distinguish sound quality.

  • Dreadnought Shape

    Dreadnought shape is a bigger shaped guitar(usually 41" inch). It is one of the most popular sizes, preferable for experienced/adult guitarists.

  • Parlour Shape

    Parlour Shape is a smaller sized guitar, it creates a distinguish sound. Also, it's more suitable for beginners as it's smaller and easier to play.

  • Classical Shape


  • Guitar Tuning

    Guitar tuning is basically assigning pitches to the open notes of a guitar. Standard tuning is (thickest string to thinnest)E-A-D-G-B-E

  • Semi-Acoustic

    A semi Acoustic Guitar refers to an acoustic guitar which has an electronic pickup installed in it, which can be plugged to an amplifier via a guitar cable.

  • Fretboard and Frets

    Frets are metal strips that run across the fretboard of a guitar. There are different types of frets - jumbo, regular etc, and also fretless guitars.

  • Guitar Chords

    Guitar Chords are a set of notes played together - simultaneously or in arpeggio form.

  • Guitar Fingerpicking

    Guitar fingerpicking refers to the technique of playing the guitar using your right hand fingers - not using a plectrum/pick.