• Congo

    Congo drums are Tall, narrow , single headed drums originating from Cuba. They usually come in a set of 3 drums.

  • Bongo

    Smaller - open bottomed drums originating from Cuba. There 2 drums in 1 set.

  • Cajon

    Cajon is a box shaped percussion instrument originating from Peru. The musician have to sit on it and play it with his hands/fingers or sometimes sticks/mallets.

  • Djembe

    West african percussion instrument which is rope tuned. It is traditionally played with hands.

  • Cowbells

    Cowbell is a idiophone hand percussion instrument. It is used in both traditional and modern pop music.

  • Shaker

    Shakers comes in different forms - egg shaped, stick shape etc.

  • Maraccas

    Maraccas is a common Latin percussion instrument. It is shaken and used in pair.