• Studio Mixer

    Studio Mixer is a device on which one can record/process/playback audio from multiple channels altogether. Used in both live & recording, studio mixer is a must have hardware.

  • Multitrack Recorder

    Multi Track Recorder is a hardware device which can record multiple inputs at the same time.

  • Pre Amp

    Pre amp is an electronic amplifier which amplifies the signal to the line level which is very important for recording any instrument/microphone.

  • Midi Controller

    A MIDI controller is any hardware or software that generates and transmits Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) data to MIDI-enabled devices, typically to trigger sounds and control parameters of an electronic music performance.

  • Studio Monitors

    Studio Monitors speakers specifically desinger for music production aspect: recording, mixing, mastering etc. They are mostly known for their flat frequency response.

  • Audio Interface

    Audio Interface is a hardware on which one can connect their instruments or microphone which can be then recorded on the system. It also improves the sonic quality of the audio.

  • PA Speakers

    PA Speakers are speakers used to project loud audio signals. It used used for big live events where loud audio is required. They are both active & Passive.

  • Stage Monitors

    Stage Monitors are speakers specifically designed for the stage so that the performers can hear themselves clearly.