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Beginning to play a new instrument can feel like a daunting task because everything is brand new to you. You want to begin to learn to play the drums, but you don’t know where to start. Can I just buy everything in one box and start immediately playing? Almost, if you’d like. But there are several parts to a drum kit that will need to be purchased separately. These are the drums, the cymbals, and the accessories.

The Yamaha GM2F51 Gigmaker Shell kit is a great choice for a beginner.


For the beginner, buying a drum kit that is as close to complete as possible is the best idea because it contains the least amount of hassle. What are known as Shell Packs, are the best decision for the beginner because most of what you need to get started is already included together in the same package.


Some shell packs exclude the snare, the bass drum pedal, and stands, while others include practically everything except the cymbals and sticks.


You will have your bass drum, your floor tom, two separate toms mounted on top of the bass drum, and a snare. There’s no headache because you do not have to choose each individual drum separately. We know you just want to get started playing and don’t have the experience yet to know exactly how you want your drums to feel when you’re playing them.


Fusion drum kits are becoming more and more the standard for beginning drummers as opposed to standard drum kits because they are a bit smaller, meaning they are more compact and easier to fit closer to each other. They are more versatile, so you can try various setups and find what feels right for you.


 Zildjian PLZ4PK Cymbal Pack


The Zildjian PLZ4PK Cymbal Pack


For a beginner, purchasing a complete cymbal pack makes the most sense because of its ease. A complete cymbal pack It will come with one hi-hat pair, one or two crash cymbals, and a ride cymbal. Size isn’t that big of an issue for a beginner, but if you’re more interested in playing rock, you might want to aim for larger cymbals for that louder, more aggressive sound. The Zildjian cymbal pack pictured above comes with a hi-hat pair (14-inches), a crash cymbal (16-inches), and a ride cymbal (20-inches). For rock and metal drumming, consider purchasing a second crash cymbal for that extra loudness.





 Yamaha GM2F53A Gigmaker Drum Hardware Set

The Yamaha GM2F53A Gigmaker Drum Hardware Set

Pluto TD 2528 Drum Throne 


The Pluto TD 2528 Drum Throne

Zildjian Maple Nylon Tip Drum Sticks 


Zildjian Maple Nylon Tip Drum Sticks


Don’t forget your accessories! Depending on the shell pack of your choice, you may still need a seat (known as a throne), a pair of drum sticks, and stands (if your shell pack does not include them). More accomplished drummers will have a more specific and unique preference on their accessories, such as how high or low you can raise the drum throne or the specific wood and size of their pair of sticks. For the beginner, this isn’t an issue as you will be fine with the standard builds. Once you get more practice and experience than you can progress to more custom features based on what you have experienced as you play more and more.


Drum sticks come in a variety of widths, lengths, and material. 2B drum sticks tend to be the most recommended for the beginner as they have a smaller circumference then others and continue to be the most recommended by drum teachers for beginners.


 Two brands that are great for beginners are Yamaha and Tama. As their history has proven, these are two reliable manufacturers that even professional musicians use on a regular basis.

 Yamaha is one of the most infamous brands in musical instruments. From beginners to world-class musicians, Yamaha is a brand that has never shown a lack of quality in any type of instrument, whether it be a sound mixer, a keyboard, or a drum kit. Tama sits right next to Yamaha as well in terms of quality and a history of showing they they can make superior products.

 The Yamaha GM2F51 Gigmaker (pictured at the top) is a great drum kit for someone completely brand new to drumming or even someone who is already an established drummer, looking for a drum kit that is reliable and durable. It’s lower price point especially makes it a great product for a beginner, because although it is affordable, you are not sacrificing quality for price.

 Tama SG52KH5 Stage Star 5 Pcs Drum Kit in Wine Red


The Tama SG52KH5 Stage Star 5 Pcs Drum Kit in Wine Red


This Tama kit already includes stands and a drum throne as well as the five drums. From there, you would only need a pair of sticks and a cymbals and you are ready to go.





The Yamaha and Tama brands are a no-brainer for the beginning drummer looking for his or her first drum kit. You might also consider buying a pair of over-the-ear headphones if you’d like to start playing along to your favorite songs while listening to them.


Once you’ve developed some drumming skill, you might want to switch out a cymbal to a larger size or choose a new drum throne that fits with your setup the way you like it. These are preferences that you will learn over time, as your skill and play time progresses.