Things to know before buying a Warwick guitar


Are you looking to buy Warwick bass guitars or shop an electric bass online? We recommend that you give this brand a go, mainly because they’re among the leading names in this particular segment of the industry.

For people who don’t know, Warwick are German bass makers, perhaps even the best bass guitar manufacturers out there. Although they primarily construct basses, they also dabble with amps, cabinets, as well as bass strings, but let’s stick with the bass guitar models for the time being.

So, if you happened to have a friend who plays one or if you’ve saw somebody plays a Warwick bass and decided to get one yourself, we’re here to give you a little heads up regarding the things you need to know before you get to the point when you actually buy a Warwick bass guitar. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.


Introduction – what sets Warwick basses apart

Well, first of all, Warwick is a relatively younger brand as they exist only some 37 years now (since they were founded in 1982). This might lead some people to believe that they’re ‘underdogs’ in a sense, but there’s actually several positive points a younger brand has when compared to the older ones.

First and foremost, young brands such as Warwick have a lot of proving themselves to do, so what came out of it is a wide variety of strikingly different bass models. As far as Warwick models go, you can easily buy bass guitars in India made by this brand.


Entry level Warwick basses


If you don’t know which ones you should take a gander at first, we recommend starting with the entry-level starting basses, such as Triumph, Vampyre, Fortress, Corvette, Star Bass, and the Streamer.

Now, the first thing about the aforementioned basses is that they’re not made of materials as exotic as the ones from the other categories. However, what’s good about it is that they’re cheaper in turn. If you’re looking to buy bass guitars online in India, entry-level Warwick basses are a good place to start your search.


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Intermediate level Warwick basses


Warwick has a limited edition of instruments that are still relatively new to the market. They’ve started out making them in 2001, and up until this point the catalog is getting expanded even further.

What differs these ‘intermediate level’ basses from the entry level category is that the former are made of exquisite, sort of exotic wood materials, they pack a different set of pickups, but they also have custom finishes, special configuration and specs. There’s a plethora of bass guitars online in India, and Warwick Limited Edition ones are definitely the best for the cash.

The first ‘Limited Edition’ Warwick bass was the Thumb BO, which is made of special Bubinga material, swamp ash, and ebony. Following up, there’s the FNA Jazzman, Thumb Bolt-on bass from 2003, the Hot Rod Warwick Corvette, and numerous variations of Streamers, Corvettes, Fortresses, and such.

If you’ve been playing bass guitar for a while, you actually might want to consider skipping the entry level category and jump right into this fray right here. Note that these particular bass models belong to the ‘limited edition’ which is called like that for a reason – there are only a couple of hundreds of each model that were ever built.


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Signature series – for pros and diehard fans


The last segment of Warwick’s catalog is the signature series. These guys offer a couple dozens of signature basses from artists such as Jamiroquai, John Entwistle, Jonas Hellborg, Rober Trujillo, Bootsy Collins, Jack Bruce, and so on.

Most (if not all) of these basses are made in collaboration with the artists themselves, so if you’re looking for a specific tone, the one that resembles your favourite bass player, this might be the place where you want to start your search. You can even buy bass online, even if it’s a signature model.


Universal tone

What most Warwick bass players tend to have in common is, oddly enough – their sound. Warwick guitars, depending on the price point category, sound very much alike, but that’s actually a good thing.

Warwick bass guitars have an easily recognisable sound, the one which you can use as a base to build up your own tone with amps and bass pedals. Special, very characteristic specs are what comprise the core of every bass this company makes.

That, however, means that you’ll need to do some research prior to choosing your first Warwick bass guitar. Check out the artists that use them, compare their rig to yours and see if that’s the sound which can actually complement your own rig.


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Aesthetic element


Let’s face it, some people, usually those who play in bands are also interested in how a bass looks like. Well, in this respect, there are two things we’d like to discuss.

First and foremost, Warwick basses look absolutely amazing, without any exceptions to number here. Secondly, most of them have custom finishes, so whichever you pick will most definitely stand out from every other bass at the show.

Shopping musical instruments online might not seem so smart to some people, but know that Warwick’s aesthetic elements do not come at the expense of durability – after all, we all know that German engineering is impeccable, so you shouldn’t worry about this part almost at all.


Pricy gear

The only not-so-great thing about Warwick bass guitars is that they cost quite a lot. Even their entry-level basses cost a couple hundred dollars. Knowing this, if you really want one of their axes, you should consider saving up in advance.

In terms of value, these bass guitars are extremely good for the money. Namely, you’ll get a full package – almost every single model is highly versatile, performs excellent sonically, and each and every one is a keeper.



There aren’t many things you should keep in mind when buying a Warwick guitar – they’re expensive but do a massive bang for the buck. In fact, it would be quite fair to say that you couldn’t make a mistake if you pick either from their catalogue since they share a relatively similar spec outline.

The only thing worth mentioning here is that you should definitely check out Warwick bass guitar players (which we mentioned before), such as Robert Trujillo, Jack Bruce, T.M. Stevens, and Adam Clayton. If you like how they sound on their instruments, it wouldn’t be too much to hope to sound just like them with one of these basses.